Gay Cliques radar chart

Gay Cliques chart graph radar

UPDATE (8/11/2011):
Frustrated by the flaws in this chart, I've created the Gay Cliques Census. It aggregates thousands of survey responses to create a live, ultra-accurate view of the physical characteristics that define each clique. If you like this graph, you'll love the new one:

UPDATE (4/7/2011):
Looks like this has been picked up by a bunch of popular blogs! Glad everyone likes it. But, the placement of Age/Hair seems to be causing confusion.

Please be advised, this is not an X/Y chart (since AGE isn't the opposite of HAIR) but a Radar Chart.

Anyway, hope y'all enjoy it and don't take labels too seriously!

Here's a quick radar chart of gay cliques based on Age, Muscles, Fat and Hair. Created while stuck on Caltrain without wifi for three hours. It's also available as a Google Chart if you'd like to add your own data set.


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